Make sure you are seen

Make sure you are seen

Then you can swim safely in open water

Are you going to swim in the sea or a lake? Lovely. And lots of fun! Still, swimming in open water also has its risks. Strong currents, for example. A gully. Or a sudden temperature change.

That being so, first, make arrangements on who will keep an eye on you while swimming. Then you can swim safely in open water.

Who is looking over you?

Make sure you are seen

  • Your friends on the side

    Are you going swimming alone? Ask someone on the side to keep an eye on you.
  • Your buddy in the water

    Swim together. Then you can help each other if necessary.
  • The lifeguard on the beach

    Is there a lifeguard around? Follow his or her instructions.

Getting in and out of the water safely

Every year, around 100 people drown in open water in the Netherlands. More often, rescue organisations such as KNRM and Reddingsbrigade rescue swimmers who get into trouble.

‘Getting in and out of the water safely’ makes people aware of the risks of swimming in open water. In the coming years, several campaigns on swimming safely will be launched under this name. ‘Who is looking over you?’ is the first.

This is how you can help

Is someone in trouble in the water?

Call for help, call 112 or alert a lifeguard

Throw something that floats
Or stick out something that can be grasped

‘Coach’ someone to the side

Do not take your eyes off the person in the water,
so you know where he or she is